CfP: #dariahTeach Open Humanities Workshop

#dariahTeach Open Humanities Workshop
Belgrade, Serbia
November 8-9, 2015

#dariahTeach is inviting expressions of interest to attend a day-and-a-half workshop on developing open-source teaching materials in the digital arts and humanities, which will be hosted by the Belgrade Center for Digital Humanities at the House of Culture of the Faculty of Media and Communication in Belgrade.

#dariahTeach is a consortium of seven European universities and research centers which hold an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Grant to create an open­-source, high­-quality, multilingual portal with training materials for the digital arts and humanities.

The workshop is partly funded by DARIAH-EU’s Open Humanities Call.


dariah_teachThe #dariahTeach Open Humanities Workshop will begin on Sunday, November 8th,  with an evening keynote by the education technology specialist Anthony Hall of the National University of Ireland at Galway, and will conclude on Monday, November 9th by 18.00.

The workshop will explore key issues in developing interactive, multimodal, localizable, open-access and open-source teaching materials, not just for the #dariahTeach platform, but for the DH community more broadly.

The workshop is aimed at individuals and groups that are interested in and/or have exprience in developing open source training materials. A goal of this workshop will be to inform the development of the #dariahTeach platform as well as indentify potenital collabrators for this and other initiatives.

Application & Funding

Thanks to the support of DARIAH-EU, a limited number of funded places are available to participants without other sources of funding to cover their travel and accommodation costs.

We invite applications to the workshop to be submitted by Friday, October 2nd.

The application deadline has passed. Notification of results will be emailed by Friday, October 9th.

For all additional information, you can write to us at dariahteach@gmail.com.

#dariahTeach members are: Aarhus University (Denmark), “Athena” Research Center (Greece), Austrian Academy of Science (Austria), Belgrade Centre for Digital Humanities (Serbia), Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Maynooth University (Ireland), University of Lausanne (Switzerland).

Photo by GotCredit